Sunday, December 12, 2010



HAD to double post cause I LOVE SO MUCH!
Well, It's 10:30 at night and I work in the morning but I just could not wait to post a sneak of these photos. AMY and KARL...Laid back, Beautiful, Natural and well kinda uncomfortable infront of the camera.  And I only say this beacuse this was kind of the feeling they gave me before the shoot.  BUT (and that's a BIG BUT!) as you can see from these photos they photographed amazingly!  This is, to date, the most excited I have been about photos and the most proud of myself.  Because they were so nervous...well it made me really nervous too.  They left me totally in charge...eeek!  But I LOVELOVELOVE the way they turned out.
Amy you have to be one of the most naturally beautiful women I have known...and this pregnancy thing...well it kinda suits you :) STUNNING!
And Karl, well I know its awkward being infront of the camera...but you pulled through!
Thanks for letting me photograph you. 
I'll be posting more soon...I promise!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just in time for CHRISTMAS!

It was a COLD but Beautiful day for this sweet family.
I got a call for a last minute photoshoot for this lovely family of three...just in time for Christmas...and I'm sure glad I did. Can you say GORGEOUS!!!
I swear I could probably show you almost every shot...these three are perfection.  AND little K...well daddy better keep a close eye on her!  She gave me full blown poses like it was Next Top Model...I'm talking hands on hips, puckered lips and the odd thinking pose..HALARIOUS!
I am so grateful you called me for your family photos!  Cause boy was it a breeze.
Did I mention you are all gorgeous?!?

click the image to view larger.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This LITTLE BDAY was a girls dream come TRUE. Sisters S and T  had quite the little HOE-DOWN, the cutest little outfits, a deserted cowboy town, even panning for gold in the tub! Check out these two little beauties as they turn 2 and 4.


 Nothing Short of Perfection!
 hello gorgeous eyes.