Thursday, June 23, 2011


About a week before i shoot a wedding The nerves start to fly. Every horrible things that could possibly go wrong i play out in my head over and over again. 
It's not that I'm a negative person, but i tend to be a bit hard on myself (my husband knows this all too well )and strive for perfection, i mean come on who doesn't want the best...right?!  And a wedding is no small's one, if not THEE most important day in someones life, and i need to capture the best of it! so holy stress case i become!!!

Anyway, back to the wedding...

So then i get to be a part of a wedding like this and could not be more thankful that these two somehow bring me back to sanity, back to earth, back to being calm cool and collective (hehe) on the outside

ANDREA AND BRYAN were the best couple to get me back into wedding season.  Not only are they completely in love with each other...but so relaxed, easygoing, and well just plain happy.  THE BEST.  did i mention beautiful. 

The ceremony was short and sweet, their family was great and the wedding sweet as could be. oh and they rented a school bus to take the wedding party for some private pics. SUPER FUN. these guys were up for anything ...those pics are on friends camera only. we even stopped for a bit of a wine tasting...ohhhh sooo okanagan i LOVE it!

And now the two little love birds are gallivanting away somewhere in Europe for their month long jealous!

hope you find some time to enjoy some pics of the day. xoxo.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


just a LITTLE preview of the beautiful day...