Friday, March 30, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Emmerson ~ 3 Months

IT's been a busy month! It's been a month of discovery for little Emmerson!

I read in a book...and why no one told me is BEYOND me, that some babies need to learn how to sleep.  Meaning they wont just fall asleep when they are I assumed, but we have to teach them.  Holy LIGHT BULB.  And let me tell you, it has made life SOOO much easier.  we're talkin 2 hour naps!  The only catch....she wont let me put her down, I've tried it doesn't work. So no crafting yet but I'm enjoying the time i get to hold her. 

It has been a really wonderful month.  She has changed so much and is learning...boy is she learning.  It's really amazing watching a baby learn that they can reach out their hands and touch things.  Her concentration is astouning.   It is truly one of the greatest joys. 

Emmerson at 3 months...
1. Has discovered that she has a tongue.  She would sit with it hanging out of her mouth.  Then she started darting it in and out like a lizard. 
2. Has found her hands.  Watching her concentrate as she learns what her hands can do is amazing.  She reaches for things and tries sooo hard to open her fingers to grab anything she can.  In the end her hands end up in her mouth :)
3. Can giggle. We've heard it only a handful of times and its the greatest sound on EARTH!
4. Weighs about 13 pounds...holy smokes!
5. Took her first trip to Vancouver. 
                      We were sooo super nervous about our first trip.  Emmerson has been a little screamer in the car seat.  But it was important to try as it was our friends 30th BDay party.  Our goal...Princeton, assess the situation and decide...keep going or turn around and head for home. 
Well, we pack the house (haha) filled her up and just in time for her first nap we hit the road.  She whined as we drove through town and was asleep in a half an hour.  We made it to Princeton and she was still asleep, so the BIG decision....Do we stop or keep going?  Well the next stop was about 45 min away soooo we kept going.  We made it too our next stop and she was  STILL we take our chances.  YUP we kept going! We made it all the way to Hope, about 3 hours from home without a peep and thanked our lucky stars! BUT we knew it wouldn't be the same on the way Home. AND WE WERE RIGHT. She SCREAMED the Whole Way HOME.
But all in all it was a successful trip.  Emmerson was great.  Slept great and was a true party animal.

in love...



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Emmerson + Humphrey

The plan is to take a photo of Emmerson with Humphrey (the Monkey) each month to track her growth.  I know you've seen it before, the baby and calendar, I wanted to do something a little different.  And i knew it had to involve Humphrey.

The story of Humphrey is a short one.  You see, Humphrey came to us from Emmersons GREAT Grandma...she bought him when Emmerson was just born.  Your probably thinking it was his hansom good looks and WINNING smile that won her over, though that probably had a little to do with it, but it was actually the name....HUMPHREY is Great Grandmas Last name. So really he just had to become part of the family.

When i took that first picture of Humphrey and Emmerson was MAGIC...

I knew then and there...i had to shoot humphrey and emmerson every month. was only a matter of time (3months) that there relationship grew stronger...I think it's safe to say that it's LOVE 

notice the huge drop of drool :)