$300 ~ Having a brand new baby is one of lifes most exciting times.  You are also sleep deprived super sensitive and have time for absolutely nothing! I know, I've been there.  You will also think you wont...but you will.

I know that all babies are different.  I've had shoots where baby was just grumpy.  I was able to get a few good shots but not all that I wanted.  Hey that's okay! I'll be sure to come back..we'll set a new date.  I want you to have all the shots you need to remember this sweet time.

Price includes photographers time as well as the editing of photos.
You will have access to all photos to print at your own disclosure.  For best result I strongly recommend using a professional photo lab to print photos.
Any photos used online must have photographer credit.

Please contact me via email'll make alan to meet, share ideas, discuss the day in all it's detail.

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