Friday, August 26, 2011

L (Boudoir) :: SNEAK

OHHH i'm just soooo excited about this SNEAK...I had to show you 3!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A few posts back I gave you a sneak of some fabulous girls celebrating the big 30 this year.  Well being distracted by all things baby this post is LONG over due. 

Sooo here we go ladies. You're turning 30 and looking fabulous.  And with so much to celebrate!
These gals have been friends since grade school...some all the way back to elementary.  I can only imagine what they have been through together.  Boyfriends, break-ups, love and loss, traveling, buying homes, moving, marriage and babies.  It is so great to see such a beautiful (on the inside and out) group of girls staying as close to each others hearts as they have. 

AND this is the year they all turn 30.  What a great milestone to celebrate together and what a fabulous idea of commemorating it with an all girl photo shoot!  I mean these girls really are FABULOUS! and so much fun.  Though we were a bit rushed (due to baby schedules) i think the day turned out great!

You ladies make 30 look exciting, fresh and totally glamorous! Thank you for strutting your stuff in front of my lens...enjoy!

i sure can!!hehe

nothing but giggles after that appearence!

pose of the day!!!


Friday, August 5, 2011


This little lady is Sanjay's big cousin (see post below) and how sweet is she?!?
Big blue eyes...gorgeous 2 tooth grin and a little monkey on the go!  I love photographing babes cause you just never know what your hands will be full of...and what a trouper she was! though always on the move I was able to capture those gorgeous blues...with a little help from some BLING! what lady doesn't love something shiny though right hehe and it made those eyes POP!

Thanks Rylie for being sooo much fun...and the outfits mom picked out were nothing less than perfection.

oh how I LOVE this one!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


BEAUtiFUL Girl...


Meet Sanjay. He's 8 weeks old today and a cute a button.
I was only going to do a sneak...but I was so excited about this adorable little guy that I've been working all day to get these photos up.

Maybe you recognize Sheri + Kristen. They were married last year and i was the lucky photographer who was privileged to share in their special day (see wedding HERE).

Now, a year later, Sheri asked me to capture some imaged of their first little boy! What a CUTIE!
Though he 8 weeks and not as moldable and squishable and well just wont (sleep hehe) he was cute as can be taking in everything around him with those big blue eyes. 

Patience is key when photographing a baby who's more than a few days old.  But some of those expressions are just priceless. What great parents Sheri and Kristen are....I could see that from the few hours i spent with them.  A Beautiful FAMILY!
Enjoy your photos though not quite as great as the real thing ;)


Well here it latest project! That's RIGHT!

10 little fingers
10 small toes
Boy or Girl? Nobody knows
December 6th we'll have to see...
Just who our baby's going to be!

I'm really bad at casual small when i run into people on the street, at the store, down at the market it's really hard to just blurt out I"M PREGNANT!

And well lets face it i'm not much of a facebook status updater...and i found it really funny when someone i told said " i didn't even know...i didn't see it on facebook" hehe it's a crazy social media world out there!

SOOO The time has belly is getting bigger (though still just looks like i've got a beer belly...giggle) I am 22 weeks pregnant...that's 5 1/2 months...or the size of a papaya (oh the things you learn on a weekly basis when you're prego)
yup you learn to count in weeks, and baby gets compared to some sort of fruit or veggie each week.

So far it's been a wild adventure...and i'm still in awww that i'm growing this little being inside.  I know it's nothing new but i really do feel like it's a little miracle.  We are soo excited to be starting a new chapter with our little one!

Sooo If you see me out and about...IT's NOT a beer belly I swear!