Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

It's another first!

Welcome to the PUMPKIN PATCH.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Emmerson :: october

Here we are....FALL! I can hardly believe it.  September had us settling in to our new home and we are completely overjoyed with our home.  I have also been back to work (Teaching On Call) which has been wonderful, busy, a bit bittersweet, but great.  We are fortunate to have both sets of grandparents ready and willing to take on my sweet little girl. 

By 9 months Emmerson had been taking her first steps and it wasn't long before she was fully walking.  Remember back when I said she was one determined little girl? well i was right.  Nothing stood in this girls way...quite literally.  She goes right on over anything in her way.  We have to keep and extra eye on her.

Now at 10 months she continues to amaze us!
Emmerson has...

1. figured out jumping on the bed
2. throws her ball to the ground to make it bounce
3. only 2 teeth...still
4. a love for banana, kiwi, and avocado
5. not slept through the night since 4 months
6. learned to dance and clap when she hears music
7. an obsession with Elmo singing with stars (OBSESSED with these videos, like Elmo and Adam Sandler, Katy Perry, Jason Meraz.  No other videos will do, not even HAS to be ELMO, which brings me to...
8. an obsession with the IPAD.  (YES YES i swore i wouldn't be THAT parent whose kid throws a tantrum with they don't get their electronics.  BUT when the IPAD comes out you had better be playing and Elmo song...OR ELSE!
9. a love for the outdoors.  She loves to explore and by expore i mean everything EVERYTHING in the mouth.