Monday, July 30, 2012

JACKSON :: baby

Meagan and I endured 4 years of university together.  4 Years of ups and downs, success and failure.  Being a fine art students forces you to put it all out there...there's no hiding your feelings in art school.  So i guess you could say we became close friends.  Really I couldn't have gotten through without her...our studios faced each other...and it was comforting for me to know she was there.  When Meagan told me she was expecting a wee little one I was beyond joyed.  Meagan has a humongous heart, and i knew she would make a super fantastic mama. 

THEN, Meagan asked me to take photos of little Jackson and my heart kinda skipped.  Going back to art school, it was Meagan's approval of my work that gave me confidence! If I made something horrible...well lets just say I could see it on her face haha. AND...if Meagan liked it then I knew it was good.  THE PRESSURES ON!

The few weeks after Jacksons birth were stressful for this new family. Jackson was born with a rare condition that will require some attention.  He will be GREAT he just needs some extra loving care.  I can only imagine the feelings this family went through after his birth.  But i know that Meagan and her husband Josh will have the strength, love, courage and patience to be the best parents for this perfect little man. 

Needless to say our photo shoot was pushed back a couple of weeks. 
So here's 4 week old jackson...the cutest little thing...teeny tiny and totally alert...monkey didn't want to sleep...until i put him in the fur. ahah. Best faux fur I ever bought. 

Meagan AND Josh...enjoy your little man (and your photos).  This time will fly by and really you will never remember how teensy he once was :)