Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today I bought myself Flowers

While out and about I came across this beautiful bunch of flowers.  SO, heck I bought them for myself...and I think they are my NEW FAVOURITE so i bought 2 bunches! hehe
And why not.  Summer is still lingering and they make me feel cheerie.  Plus they look so beautiful in the center of my dinningroom table. 
And as soon as I set them in their new home I thought How could I possibly NOT photograph them!
So i DID! and here they are.
So this is what I say...Go out and buy YOURSELF some obviously deserve it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sheri and Kristen CONT...

I'm finally onto my last wedding to edit!!! yay!
So I thought I post a some more of these beautiful pics I'll be looking at for the next little while!
So I'll keep the writing to a minimum this time....and onto the pics
S+K, I just LOVE the last pic!!!
Aren't these girls just so beautiful!!!
I love the vintage-like feel to these
This is an ABSOLUTE fav...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lovin the Plane shots!!!

This will be the last of the planes....i promise!
but, right now I am just LOVIN them.  Maybe its the colours or the eerie toy-like quality they possess, and maybe it's the fact then when you view the photos really large you can actually see the guys flying kinda spooky, not sure why, just is. 
I've never had a fasination with planes or anything, and they do totally freak me out.  Thats right, I may be somewhat of a traveller, i love love love to travel, but as soon i step foot on a plane I am hit with a crazy anxiety.  YUP tears, nausia, shaking, extreme thoughts about plummiting to the earth....ahhhh I'm getting freaked out just thinking of it. 
And I'll never forget a time when I was swimming in a lake close to shore and looking down and seeing a wheel from a plane.  Now i'm pretty sure it was NOT from a crash but it was spooky all the same.
okay okay enough with the planes.  well not quite enough cause i have some pics to show you!!! 

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, I just finished up editing this lovely little wedding i photographed back in the middle of summer...and oh what fun!!! I love the bright colours and the smiling faces of these two...I JUST had to show you more.
L you are a stunner!!! I know it was hard work being in front of the camera but you look absolutly gorgeous!

 i know i know jumping pictures literally pop up in all wedding shoots but come on...
you can't help but giggle at them!


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Oh Saturdays...the joys you bring.
These little planes put on quite the show!
After about a half an hour of trying to ignore the loud noises swooping my appartment I decided to grab my camera and take part in the action...all without leaving my condo...and i'm sure glad I did. 
I can just picture some of these images blown up and printed on canvas hanging on the walls of a little boys room...HELLO christmas present?!? winkwink.

Hello FAVORITE plane image...don't they look like toy planes?

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This year my parents joined a Dragon Boating team...and let me tell it looks like a whole lota FUN!!!

This SATURDAY morning I got the Pleasure of watching my MOMMA for the first time...and being the proud daughter I am I HAD to Play PHOTOGRAPHER!!! 
MOM, being the teeny tiny person that she is, Got PROMOTED to Drummer.  That's right she get's to literally bang on the drum ALL DAY :) well maybe not ALL day, but still super fun right!?!
Super fun group of people + mornings on the water + weekend races in the sunshine with over 60 teams = FUN TIMES FOR ALL...and I Couldn't help get a little teary seeing all the breast cancer survivor groups... ladies YOU are AMAZING!

Well, here you go momma...I hope you enjoy your shots of the day.  YOU'RE the best little dummer a boat could ask for! I am one PROUD PROUD daughter.