Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keep EM Coming!

I know I felt like you were at this wedding you've seen so many pics.  BUT i can't help it!
After I shoot a wedding I like to narrow down a few of my favourite pics that I can edit RIGHT away to show the couple, and (of course) all of you.  Well this wedding of the gorgeous S+K has taken a bit longer than usual...sorry S+K.  August had me down...i was sick the whole month! and that put me behind a little.  BUT i'm working like crazy now!
Thought I picked out all my favs, but holy smokes was I wrong...but can you blame me, sifting through 900+ pics is quite the task.  ANYWHO...enjoy some more.
This first one is an all time fav...Let's just say getting some of these shots were a little tricky, flying elbows tricky if you know what i mean :)
if you were lucky enough to be at the wedding you know what I'm talking about.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Well, it's been my september resolution to take MORE pictures. 
I'm not really used to bringing out my camera for holidays or family get togethers, and I have no IDEA WHY! So it's now my resolution as of September to shoot EVERYTHING!
SOOOO...This thanks giving, though no turkey photos this year, i brought along my camera.  AND this little MUNCHkIN was quite the model.
AS she ran around outside with me (kids love me!) I decided to shoot...cause lets face it, glass of wine and sand box just do not mix. However, Glass of wine and camera...well lets just say I can Handle that!  And as soon As i brought out the camera little miss C turned MODEL.
"Take a picture like this (pose) so i can give it to kiel. And like this (pose) for momma.  Let's go over here in the garden (pose) this ones for auntie C. Now turn the camera around and let's take one together."
THIS was Seriously the conversation. THEN she refused to let ANYONE see the pics
 "cause ssshhhh they're for christmas"... LOVE IT!
TOO CUTE! and I love the way the all turned out...even the one with ME!!!
Thanks C, I need to photosession with you more often!