Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keep EM Coming!

I know I felt like you were at this wedding you've seen so many pics.  BUT i can't help it!
After I shoot a wedding I like to narrow down a few of my favourite pics that I can edit RIGHT away to show the couple, and (of course) all of you.  Well this wedding of the gorgeous S+K has taken a bit longer than usual...sorry S+K.  August had me down...i was sick the whole month! and that put me behind a little.  BUT i'm working like crazy now!
Thought I picked out all my favs, but holy smokes was I wrong...but can you blame me, sifting through 900+ pics is quite the task.  ANYWHO...enjoy some more.
This first one is an all time fav...Let's just say getting some of these shots were a little tricky, flying elbows tricky if you know what i mean :)
if you were lucky enough to be at the wedding you know what I'm talking about.

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