Sunday, November 14, 2010

Movember Photoshoot

A great day for a family photoshoot! Well minus the Movember mustash that is :) but you gotta hand it to em' the photoshoot must go on...even in Movember.
I went up to Kelowna this weekend for a little babysitting/visit/photoshoot.  And what a great time We had. 
I love this little guy to PIECES(hense the million photos of him) !!!
It's the Middle of November and the sun is still a shining.  And since we've had such a fantastic fall the colours are still nice and bright.  But let me tell you...Little L is one busy monkey and always knows where the camera is and refuses to look at it, even if it is his fav Aunt on the other side.  But, in an hour or so I think we got some fantastic shots.  So Mrs.R, hope you find one to fill that empty photo frame on your wall (no pressure ;)  Some of these are going on my wall ForSure! 
Hope you enjoy your photos!

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