Saturday, July 30, 2011


OHHH I just LOVE sneaks....when i get home from a shoot I'm like a kid on Christmas...i just CAN'T wait to download all the goodies from my camera!
And if my clients are anything like me (which they probably aren't) they can't wait to see their goodies either hehe.

Well here it is ladies, just a taste of our summer day together! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I was super excited to shoot this wedding because i just knew it was gonna, playful, relaxed and gorgeous. 
When Tori and I met for coffee she had ideas of ICE CREAM and BASEBALL hehe gotta love that!
I love love love it when a bride comes full of ideas and though we may not have made it through the entire list the day of...coming prepared with some ideas gives me a little idea of what the bride and groom want for photos and TORI and SCOTT wanted FUN!!!
I mean come on what bride buys the entire bridal party ice cream cones for a photo prop (everyone else conveniently forgot their wallets hehe)

Oh and if you are an up and coming bride and you haven't heard of the latest trend...Well It makes for such a great day when you see each other before hand and get some pics before the ceremony.
I know I know believe me I'm all about TRADITION but having a moment before the wedding when you see each other for the first time can make for some beautiful pics AND then having a few hours before the ceremony to do a shoot is the best BECAUSE then after the ceremony you can go right to the party. 
I've done 2 weddings where the bride and groom opted to see each other before hand and let me tell you YOU WILL STILL have the butterfly emotional beautiful feeling when you walk down the isle to your future you have the special intimate moment when you see each other for the first time.  SO really it's win win.
Are you convinced yet?

Well onto the photos. 
Tori and Scott were hitched on top of Munson Mountain...And i gotta say it was beautiful!
But before hand they had their first glance at the ball diamond where they took some action shots...I think these 2 really like base cute.
Then it was onto some ice cream...yummm.
Then we headed for the mountain before the guests arrived for a few more gorgeous shots. 
OH and tori had a tent designated for her to wait in while everyone was arriving and i just have to say THANK YOU for that tent...I LOVE THE PICS from inside...GORGEOUS!!!
Thanks Tori and Scott for being sooo super cool, laid back and super fun and up for it all.  Enjoy your pics. xoxo

oh and heres one of your babe...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tori+Scott :: SNEAK

Sooo excited to edit these pics!!! hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

Karla and Blake :: Family

When 2 becomes 3

Well it's been a busy year so far...there's been lots of work and not so much play :(
Having only done a few photo shoots this year because my other jobs takes up most of my time in the school months i was desperate for some photo practice.

Lucky for me my bestie was home for a little VACA and I decided that since i have a wedding in the near future (OMG tomorrow!) that i would bring along my camera on our already planned walk (hehe sooo sneaky)
Well it wasn't that sneeky...i did have to mention that i was going to bring along my camera cause i know my bestie and I knew she would HAVE to be prepared...i mean check out the gorgeous makeup on this lady!!! NOT that she needed to doll herself up AT ALL but I knew she would LOVE the opportunity!

Plus karla and blakes family has recently grown...That's right...what was 2 has now become 3...and what better moment for some family pics...Right!?!  a new addition to the family definitely calls for a photoshoot.

We always have the greatest time bestie and me. and blake just fits right into the gotta love that!  I love these 2 dearly. NOW if I could only get them to move HOME!!!  come on MOVE home already!  Maybe these pics will be a constant reminder of what your missing out on it working yet!?!

i hope you enjoyed the impromptu photo you both

hehe these may be my favourite!!!