Saturday, July 9, 2011

Karla and Blake :: Family

When 2 becomes 3

Well it's been a busy year so far...there's been lots of work and not so much play :(
Having only done a few photo shoots this year because my other jobs takes up most of my time in the school months i was desperate for some photo practice.

Lucky for me my bestie was home for a little VACA and I decided that since i have a wedding in the near future (OMG tomorrow!) that i would bring along my camera on our already planned walk (hehe sooo sneaky)
Well it wasn't that sneeky...i did have to mention that i was going to bring along my camera cause i know my bestie and I knew she would HAVE to be prepared...i mean check out the gorgeous makeup on this lady!!! NOT that she needed to doll herself up AT ALL but I knew she would LOVE the opportunity!

Plus karla and blakes family has recently grown...That's right...what was 2 has now become 3...and what better moment for some family pics...Right!?!  a new addition to the family definitely calls for a photoshoot.

We always have the greatest time bestie and me. and blake just fits right into the gotta love that!  I love these 2 dearly. NOW if I could only get them to move HOME!!!  come on MOVE home already!  Maybe these pics will be a constant reminder of what your missing out on it working yet!?!

i hope you enjoyed the impromptu photo you both

hehe these may be my favourite!!!

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