Monday, February 13, 2012

Emmerson ~ 2 Months

Well here we are 2 Months already. If you read my last post you'll notice i said that time wasn't really flying by...well time is starting to FLY.  Emmerson is 2 months already and I feel like I've known her FOREVER. GOSH I love her!  Nights are getting better.  We're on to 4-5 hour stretches YAY!!!  And let me tell ya, after 5 straight hours of sleep I feel like I can run a marathon HA.
So needless to say things are getting easier.  I was getting a little worried that i would NEVER sleep again.  Not to mention the Hormones...OHHH the hormones. 
But here we are month 2 going on 3 and you learn A LOT.  The book THe Baby Whisperer has been a HUGE help and has got us on a routine where Emmerson is actually sleeping a bit during the day.  The month and a bit where she didn't nap was CRAZY, i couldn't leave her side!  But my sanity is returning and I'm feeling like myself again, but boy is this ride WILD.

Here's what I've learned about Emmerson this month. 
1. her greatest smiles happen around 7 am :)
2. i mentioned last post that she moans while she falls asleep. well this is still true and its the opposite when she's waking....thats right she GRUNTS when shes waking...loud long grunts like shes fighting a battle, ha.
3.  Emmerson LOVES being on the floor.  She stretches right out and kicks kicks kicks.  I think she might be a soccer player. 
4. It wont be long before she's in her jolly jumper...i think she's gonna love it.
5. A few weeks ago Emmerson rolled from her tummy to her back.  She lifts her head high and over she goes.  She's close to rolling from her back to her tummy.  SHE is SOOO strong.
6. She's starting to coo and make noises at you...yup we have full on conversations in baby :)
7. She's got her daddy rapped around her little finger...he's in love (which makes me love him more).