Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lauren+Chad :: Part 1


A great friend of mine was married back in September and I was lucky enough to be a guest.
I love love love being a guest at weddings...especially when it's someone I love to pieces.  I can just sit back, relax and BE IN THE MOMENT!  So thank you Lauren letting me enjoy your day!

But come on...lets be realistic here...how could i not capture some of the details of the most beautifully put together wedding i have EVER seen. I mean honestly...the pictures WILL speak for themselves...every detail was FLAWLESS, thoughtful, and perfectly executed!

A huge shout out the the mother of the bride Maria! This woman either WAS OR WILL BE a wedding planner in another life.  The time and dedication put into this day was no doubt due to her.  There was vision boards, lists, calendars, more lists and more vision boards...and a garage full of wedding'ness'.  It was amazing to watch mama maria, what i think was, IN HER GLORY!!! 

This is only part 1 to share some of those amazing details!!!
Be sure to check back for part 2 - enjoy!

Lauren+Chad :: Part 1

Friday, October 28, 2011

Presley :: Babe

Being on bed rest is really paying off.
Up at hours of the day when everyone else is sleeping has become a work time. Time to get things done and time to edit photos.

As i await the arrival of my little one I was more than thrilled to be editing these photos...even if it is at 3 in the morning :)
This little girl is perfection. that's all. PERFECTION.


even miss truly had a moment infront of the lense :)

this one's for daddy

see i told you!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rogers :: Family

Well it's that time of year again...another Rogers family photo! You may recognize this little boy...I photograph him often...he's my cutest little nephew and one of my fav subjects to shoot!  If only that were a 2 way street cause as he gets older the less he enjoys being photographed.  And this smart little cookie just knows all we want is a single photo, something mom can frame, put up, be proud of!

All he kept saying was "i'm done mama i'm done"  and how cute is that...right. 
SOO it's time for some bribery.
Note to self...must have bribe on hand...logic just does not work ;)

Well it was a good thing i remember some pretty cool stickers in my car! Thats right Auntie Kailey became Lindens biggest fan....lets just say there was a bit of an attitude change.
From now on stickers will be a staple in my camera bag. 

I always enjoy my time with my family and even more when i get to capture this little man and all his craziness.  He could just be one of the cutest boys around!
love you!

ROGERS family :: SNEAK

gosh I LOVE this kid!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lauren + Chad :: SNEAK

I can't even put into words how beautiful this wedding was!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Presley :: SNEAK

MEET PRESLEY...I'm off to her baby shower and I couldn't resist putting up a SNEAK!!!

or two....

couldn't resist one more!

Friday, August 26, 2011

L (Boudoir) :: SNEAK

OHHH i'm just soooo excited about this SNEAK...I had to show you 3!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A few posts back I gave you a sneak of some fabulous girls celebrating the big 30 this year.  Well being distracted by all things baby this post is LONG over due. 

Sooo here we go ladies. You're turning 30 and looking fabulous.  And with so much to celebrate!
These gals have been friends since grade school...some all the way back to elementary.  I can only imagine what they have been through together.  Boyfriends, break-ups, love and loss, traveling, buying homes, moving, marriage and babies.  It is so great to see such a beautiful (on the inside and out) group of girls staying as close to each others hearts as they have. 

AND this is the year they all turn 30.  What a great milestone to celebrate together and what a fabulous idea of commemorating it with an all girl photo shoot!  I mean these girls really are FABULOUS! and so much fun.  Though we were a bit rushed (due to baby schedules) i think the day turned out great!

You ladies make 30 look exciting, fresh and totally glamorous! Thank you for strutting your stuff in front of my lens...enjoy!

i sure can!!hehe

nothing but giggles after that appearence!

pose of the day!!!