Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lauren+Chad :: Part 1


A great friend of mine was married back in September and I was lucky enough to be a guest.
I love love love being a guest at weddings...especially when it's someone I love to pieces.  I can just sit back, relax and BE IN THE MOMENT!  So thank you Lauren letting me enjoy your day!

But come on...lets be realistic here...how could i not capture some of the details of the most beautifully put together wedding i have EVER seen. I mean honestly...the pictures WILL speak for themselves...every detail was FLAWLESS, thoughtful, and perfectly executed!

A huge shout out the the mother of the bride Maria! This woman either WAS OR WILL BE a wedding planner in another life.  The time and dedication put into this day was no doubt due to her.  There was vision boards, lists, calendars, more lists and more vision boards...and a garage full of wedding'ness'.  It was amazing to watch mama maria, what i think was, IN HER GLORY!!! 

This is only part 1 to share some of those amazing details!!!
Be sure to check back for part 2 - enjoy!

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  1. Come On i want Part II....looks amazing!!