Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1 month new

My Baby is One month old!
So I've made it a goal to photograph my babe each month...sorry for those of you not in baby mode but you can probably guess that my blog will probably consist of baby baby baby. 

I can't believe she's a month old...well that's kind of a lie.  It's been long days and even longer babe doesn't sleep.  Myth 1- all babes do is sleep...hah LIEs!  My babe is wide awake most of the time, bright eyed, not missing a thing.  I seriously have no idea how single mothers do it. I could NOT do this without my hubby.  There was no question in my mind that he would be a great father...but he has honestly blown my mind...I could not have survived this first month without him!

So month's what i know about miss Emmerson.
1. She does not want to miss a thing...grandma calls her "snoopy" and "bright eyes"
2. She eats with her back arched...this little one is STRONG-she held her head up the very moment she was out of the womb
3. She moans when she's falling asleep...the cutest thing ever
4. The brow furrow is a look I get a lot
5. She's a swing no your arms is just fine.
6. She enjoys her bath-and by enjoy i mean she doesn't cry :)

SO here's Emmerson - One month new


Saturday, January 7, 2012

My GREATEST Accomplishment

Though I havn't blogged much about my pregnancy I am beyond excited to share my GREATEST accomplishment!!! Miss Emmerson Anne emerged into our world December 10th...only 4 days past due...and she is beyond anything i could have ever imagined.  I wont go into details about the labour but man oh man...i am still unsure why people decide to have another...everyone keeps saying you forget the pain but BUT i still remember ha...only time will tell i guess.

So...i know you all assume that since i LOVE taking photos that this little girl would be photographed everyday. Different settings, positions, wordrobe changes galore. WELL....I can honestly say its just not as easy photographing your own child.  Maybe it's my child...who hates to sleep :) PLUS it was quite an adjustment our first week as mother and daughter that photos were just not high on my priority list.  But one day, during our first week, i found my opportunity. Quick as it was, she was not crying or feeding...she wasn't sleeping either but hey...i quickly made the bed (with one hand..see not easy) and snapped a few shots. 

Though it wasn't the photoshoot i had hoped for with an easy, managable, manuverable, sleeping baby I was able to capture her BRIGHT eyes.  And i am sure there will be many more shoots to come. 
Just me, my camera and my amazing little girl.