Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1 month new

My Baby is One month old!
So I've made it a goal to photograph my babe each month...sorry for those of you not in baby mode but you can probably guess that my blog will probably consist of baby baby baby. 

I can't believe she's a month old...well that's kind of a lie.  It's been long days and even longer babe doesn't sleep.  Myth 1- all babes do is sleep...hah LIEs!  My babe is wide awake most of the time, bright eyed, not missing a thing.  I seriously have no idea how single mothers do it. I could NOT do this without my hubby.  There was no question in my mind that he would be a great father...but he has honestly blown my mind...I could not have survived this first month without him!

So month's what i know about miss Emmerson.
1. She does not want to miss a thing...grandma calls her "snoopy" and "bright eyes"
2. She eats with her back arched...this little one is STRONG-she held her head up the very moment she was out of the womb
3. She moans when she's falling asleep...the cutest thing ever
4. The brow furrow is a look I get a lot
5. She's a swing no your arms is just fine.
6. She enjoys her bath-and by enjoy i mean she doesn't cry :)

SO here's Emmerson - One month new


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