Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Meet Sanjay. He's 8 weeks old today and a cute a button.
I was only going to do a sneak...but I was so excited about this adorable little guy that I've been working all day to get these photos up.

Maybe you recognize Sheri + Kristen. They were married last year and i was the lucky photographer who was privileged to share in their special day (see wedding HERE).

Now, a year later, Sheri asked me to capture some imaged of their first little boy! What a CUTIE!
Though he 8 weeks and not as moldable and squishable and well just wont (sleep hehe) he was cute as can be taking in everything around him with those big blue eyes. 

Patience is key when photographing a baby who's more than a few days old.  But some of those expressions are just priceless. What great parents Sheri and Kristen are....I could see that from the few hours i spent with them.  A Beautiful FAMILY!
Enjoy your photos though not quite as great as the real thing ;)

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