Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well here it is...my latest project! That's RIGHT!

10 little fingers
10 small toes
Boy or Girl? Nobody knows
December 6th we'll have to see...
Just who our baby's going to be!

I'm really bad at casual small talk...so when i run into people on the street, at the store, down at the market it's really hard to just blurt out I"M PREGNANT!

And well lets face it i'm not much of a facebook status updater...and i found it really funny when someone i told said " i didn't even know...i didn't see it on facebook" hehe it's a crazy social media world out there!

SOOO The time has come...my belly is getting bigger (though still just looks like i've got a beer belly...giggle) I am 22 weeks pregnant...that's 5 1/2 months...or the size of a papaya (oh the things you learn on a weekly basis when you're prego)
yup you learn to count in weeks, and baby gets compared to some sort of fruit or veggie each week.

So far it's been a wild adventure...and i'm still in awww that i'm growing this little being inside.  I know it's nothing new but i really do feel like it's a little miracle.  We are soo excited to be starting a new chapter with our little one!

Sooo If you see me out and about...IT's NOT a beer belly I swear!

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