Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Man Turns 1

I can't even believe it has been a full year since I became the proudest auntie. What a huge joy the little monkey brings to so many lives. I was so happy to be at his first birthday where he was surrounded by friends and family.
It was a year ago on march 8th that this little man came into the world. I'll never forget that day because sadly i missed it...
It was march 5th and Stacey started feeling some contractions. This made me pretty happy because I was to catch a flight to Mexico for a month long practicum the next day. So I thought Ok I will focus all my energy on Stacey and hope and pray this baby comes out before I leave, PLEASE com out! I went up to Kelowna that night and stayed on a blowup mattress with my then fiance in my brother's unfinished freezing cold basement...I was not going to miss this birth. Or so I thought. The next day I left for mexico and still no baby. I stayed as long as I possibly could, but had to go. I'll never forget that day. Leaving my fiance for a month and leaving while my family was about to meet the first of the next generation. Tears rolled down my face as we pulled out of the driveway.
As soon as I arrived in Mexico I called home, I was sure I had probably just missed the birth grrr. But still no baby. I called the night of the 7th... still no baby. Finally on March 8th I called home again...Baby Boy!!! I cried. so happy and proud of my brother and his wife, so happy I was an aunt, excited my parents were now grandparents...but miserable that I wasn't there. Though this little man took his time coming into this world I was happy I missed it by a few days instead of a few hours. haha sorry Stacey.
Anyway Happy Birthday Little L. You have made the past year so wonderful for so many.
xoxo Auntie Kailey
Oh and good job Stacey on a successful 1st B-DAY party!!!

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  1. Great job Kailey! I am so glad you are starting to display your work, deserve lots of well earned credit for what you do.
    Beautiful narrative too by the way (no more trips to Mexico with round 2 though!ha!)
    xox Jon,Stacey and Linden