Sunday, January 23, 2011


As many of you know i just starting this blogging thing last year (2010) sooooo to say the least my page hasn't been very organised...Well, a new year to me means....GET YOUR SHIT BLOG PAGE TOGETHER ALREADY! so its my goal to make things a little more organised...However this may take some time, and by some, I mean a lot hehe. 
Along with getting stuff organized it has been my goal to take more photos....with that being said I have yet to take out my camera in the new year (tear) I know I am HORRIBLE. 
But I have some very interesting clients coming up in the next couple of months so hopefully I'll be able to post some more pics.  However in the meanwhile there may be some random photos appearing...Don't be scared, really, look away if you like =) but I need to photograph MORE.  Maybe Projects, DIY's or some attempts at cooking (not one of my strengths) who knows may even see some of my cat hehe....The point is...The camera's coming out and there's just no way of knowing when my finger will push the button....SO BEWARE!
Thought this photo of myself taking a photo might inspire me to take more photos hehe...thanks for the photo J

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