Monday, July 15, 2013

Priya :: BABY

Here we go...Sweet baby PRIYA.

          First of all, ahhhh, it was so great getting out behind my camera.  IT has been TOO long!  I love it when I get to go out and shoot these lifestyle sessions.  They can be challenging yes, but patiences is a virtue ;)  There are no fancy props or posing, and baby and mom are both settled (for the most part) into their new lives.  However, I do come in (usually for a few hours) and disrupt things just a teeny tiny bit.  But gorgeous shots of babe with a sweet smile and bright eyes is totally worth it.   
        Second, there is absolutely nothing better than when clients continue to book me for all their major life milestones.  I am so thankful to Sheri and Kristen. I was there for their wedding, a 30th Birthday celebration and to photograph their first, little Sanjay. 
        Now (less than 2 years after their first) came along little Priya.  She has the sweetest name and is already gorgeous.  Here she is at 9 weeks old. 


 Big brother Sanjay

 Getting a shot of these 2 was near impossible.


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