Monday, August 23, 2010


2 POSTs in ONE day!!! Can you believe it...ha I sure can't.
So I posted the detail collages on my facebook page...cause i really can't be certain that anybody actually looks at this blog... and a good friend of my from ART school commented on them WOHOO!!!
"I love these collages you do! So creative, modern and so pretty!"
Well,  when my dear friend Meagan gives me some positive feed back I'm gonna RUN with it...thats right...RUN WITH IT.  
See, 4 years in art school can be a tramatic, dramatic, and very personal thing...i think we got to know eachother quite well, and artists can be pretty critical hehe, so if MEG likes it THEN it MUST be good right.  Positive comments inspire me to keep going! Ya i KNOW I shouldn't care what others thing and I SHOULD be confident in what i do blahblahblah, but The truth is I'm just sorta starting to get out there, into the world of professional photography and I need all the help, love an encouragement I can get. It's not easy putting your work out there for all you peeps to see.
So now i'm INSPIRED! LOOK OUT BLOG here come the COLLAGES!!!
Thanks MEG your comments mean the WORLD!!!

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