Sunday, May 22, 2011

FAB 5!

It sure is fun turning 5! 
Little miss C (here) is turning 5....totally can't believe it!
At Easter time I had made some cupecakes for the family dinner and Miss C's momma asked if I would make her birthday cake...well if you know me you know I can't say here we go, learn how to make a cake.  Yup, it was my first one....and on the request of C it had to be a princess cake.  Soooo needless to say I was up pretty late (by my standards anyway) trying to perfect the princess cake!
I was pretty proud of my cake...sure it's not up to 'cake boss' standards but I thought these little 5 year olds would LOVE it and I just had to be there when she saw it.   Soo, i tagged along for the fabulous birthday party...ponies and princesses...who could refuse.  These little girls had such a great time riding the pony and I think the cake was a hit! HAPPY BIRTHDAY C!

This cutie was hangin out with the girls...just had to snap a quick shot...SO CUTE!

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