Thursday, April 5, 2012

rogers family :: EXPECTING

It was one of those crazy "okanagan" days.  We saw Wind, Hail, Snow, Rain...and of course when the photo shoot was over SUN!  But we struggled through the cold and got some shots of my Brothers family expecting their 2nd child.  That's Niece or Nephew # 2 for Moi and I can not wait to see what i have a box of girl cloths that need a good home :) 

If you remember from previous posts its no surprise that Mr. Linden HATES photo shoots..haha poor boy. So this time around it was a Timbit bribe instead of stickers.  I made the mistake of letting him know about the timbits when we first started. SOOO after I had taken only ONE picture Linden shouts out It's Timbit TIME!!!  What a little smarty pants.




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