Sunday, May 6, 2012

Emmerson :: 4 months

Its been a super busy month around here...hense the late late 4 month post.  Emmerson  has been growing like a weed and is so gosh she is busy.  I still have NO idea how a 4 month old, who isn't crawling yet can keep a mom so busy.  Good lord, when she starts moving...

This month has brought a lot of change to our little family.  We sold our little 2 bedroom condo and 2 weeks later we were packed up and on the my parents HA.  All in good hopes of saving some money and moving on to bigger and better things. Its been an emotional lovely little condo where we became a no longer mine.  And it sure isn't easy swallowing your pride and moving in with the parents.  But we have a goal and will try to stay focussed.  On a positive note...we have a granny nanny hehe.

This month I have really noticed how much Emmerson is growing.  She's this little person now, who can pretty much control a room hehe.  It's hard to believe that she was once a wee little baby and that was ONLY 4 months ago.  She has PERSONALITY... we can make her laugh...ohh her laugh...her smile, it melts me.  She reaches for me and it drives me wild....those long sleepless nights are suddenly all worth it...she reaches for ME!!  It's one of the most fufilling feelings in this whole intire world...when your child reaches for you. 

It's been  4 months and Emmerson...
1. Prefers to sit or stand...while we hold her of course. 
2. Grabs everything in sight and shoves it in her mouth. 
3. Fits into her jolly jumper and is learning to jump.
4. Has started playing strange...mostly to older men.
5. Has WILD hair...ohhh her hair...Yup it's growing too...STRAIGHT UP!
6. Can role right over... all the way...over and over and over...

oh ya and shes had her first easter....notice the easter dress...thanks OMA & OPA.


                                                                        here she goes...

                             oh those eyes...and that hair...giggle
                            ohhhh How i love her

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