Thursday, May 17, 2012

ASHER :: baby

I am soo over the moon excited for this post! We have been waiting for baby Asher for a long long time. Patiently we waited, Linden was ready to be a big brother and my brother and sister in law were READY for their second child.  I mean these 2 are awesome parents and could really have a house full of babies hehe.  Though it may have been frustrating...the journey of creating a 2nd child...but it just seems so RIGHt so PERFECT that ASHER is here with us now.

Being a new mom myself I have had little time behind the lens...I was soo excited to capture ASHER and all his newness, especially since I wasn't in the country when big brother Linden was born.

My husband was working in Kelowna so Emmerson and I Went up one night so I could take some photos of my new little nephew.  WOWWSERS what a day it was!  We had a 3 year old a 4 month old and a 5 day old.  I thought 3 adults would easily be enough...we could handle it NOOO PROBLEM.  HA!!! Was I wrong or what. almost 5 months...only wants to be around me.  Some of the pictures you see were taken while I was holding her haha.  Linden...who's 3.... hates the camera and apparenly hate it when others get their picture taken too. As I was trying to take a photo of ASHER he politely crawled on the bed, said he wanted to be in ONE picture and then asked me not to take any more of his new brother.  GEEZ this kid cracks me up. 

Jon and Stacey, Enjoy your family of have the sweetest boys around. 



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  1. love them! i feel so blessed:)