Wednesday, August 8, 2012

EMMERSON :: 5 months

WHEW! I'm a little behind on the monthly blog of my little girl. Don't worry the pictures are pilling up, but being in my parents basement leaves me with little internet access. 

The last post i did was when Emmerson was 4 months, it was the last post in our appartment before we sold it.  I was sad to say goodbye to my lovely large bedroom with the fantastic south facing window.  However, after 4 months EMMERSON has been a baby of many changes!  By month 5 Emmerson was able to sit on her own! so that meant I could now photograph her OFF the BED woohoo!  I was super excited about this because my photos could now take on a different life.

You'll notice my photos are now more journalistic (is that a word?)  We can be more creative and really capture her changes in daily life.  I swear after month 4 they become different people. 


1 was sitting on her own and was really wanting to stand
2 she started moving in circles and pushing back on her belly
3 touched grass 
4 is one determined baby and is ready to be on the MOVE!
5 says MAMAMAMA and DADADADA...doesn't know what it means but she still says it!
6 is eating baby cereals

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