Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Little Mr. Parker graced my camera this week.

ohh he's such a special one because this is my BESTIE's Littlest Nephew.  Parents David and Rachel are nothing but a team for this little man!  The love they have for figuring out parenthood TOGETHER is incredible.  AND, Parker was simply wonderful during the shoot.  Shooting babies at 4 weeks usually presents many challenges...parker's was simply keeping the soother in.  So we would watch as he sucked away on his soother until he looked ready to let go.  Of course he was never ready to let go. So I had to be quick.  Luckily Parkers AUNTIE (and my bestie) was by my side pulling soother and sticking it back in. ha. is was quite the procedure.

David and Rachel, enjoy these special moments, they will fly by.  Hopefully the photos will help you keep his ity-bittyness in your memory always.
xoxo kailey




  1. Delightful! I love these photos and that little man!! Kailey, you are the baby whisperer.
    Love K

  2. Thanks so much it was a delight to have a wonderful assistant! AND a wonderful little man to snuggle too :)