Sunday, September 23, 2012

monthly updates :: behind :(

so I'm a little behind on my monthly updates of my little one...just a little.  I was trying to keep up to her monthly milestones but lack of Internet access, space and...time...has kept me behind. Nevertheless, many milestones have been hit, so here's a quick glance at the last few months. It's been a busy summer! Emmerson certainly keeps us on our toes and we finally have a house to call our own.   
We made it to the pool and emmerson loves to swim...luckily oma and opa have a pool where she was getting lots and lots of practice.

Emmerson's second trip to Vancouver.  And first time in court ha...we had to go to court in order to take possession of our home.

August was super exciting. Emmerson's first plane ride.  We went to Saskatchewan to visit Emmerson's Great Grandpa. He was thrilled to see his only great grandchild at the cabin...the place he loves most!

We are finally settled in our new home. Freshly painted walls makes for a lovely background.  

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